Welcome to my Blog!

I have been a active blog reader for years, spending countless hours reading other people’s posts and thoroughly enjoying the process.

And I had even made an earlier half-hearted attempt to start a blog before. But, because of work and family responsibilities, my blogging efforts were put on the back-burner.

However, I have decided to start blogging again. The reason for my change of heart is simple. I decided that I really wanted to provide a place where both Clients and Candidates can learn about my thoughts and my philosophy about Recruiting and Talent Acquisition. And a Blog is a place where you can write about and discuss topics in more depth and detail than you can during a normal workday phone conversation.

In this blog, I plan to write about issues that will be of interest to both the Job Seeker as well as the Hiring Manager.

Comments and feedback are always welcome.

Now, in the words of Jackie Gleason, “And away we go!!”