A couple of years ago I read an article by attorney Lori E. Iwan.

One of the topics she addressed was the importance of preparation for an attorney.

In her article she quotes Louis Nizer, “Preparation is the be-all of good trial work. Everything else – felicity of expression, improvisational brilliance – is a satellite around the sun. Thorough preparation is that sun.”

Then Lori goes on to add, “There is no substitute for preparation. Regardless of the number of associates and amount of technology surrounding you in the courtroom, ultimately you alone must stand in front of the jury to present the case,…”.

That very same principle [i.e. the importance of preparation] applies during the Interview process. When we are being interviewed, we find ourselves in a situation that is analogous to the one an attorney finds his or her self in. We stand alone before the interviewer – there is no where to run – no where to hide – And that is the wrong time to realize that you should have done your homework – That you just can’t rely on your ‘improvisational brilliance’ – That you should have prepared for the interview. Preparation really is that important.

In future posts, I will discuss the specific things a Candidate can do to prepare for their interview.